Saturday, September 24, 2011

ATM-based Payments at PNB Supported

Customers with PNB Super Teller ATM cards can now pay for their online purchases at any PNB ATM nationwide, in addition to online banking and over-the-counter channels. There is no more need to line up to the teller. Enjoy 24 x 7 ATM banking!

To use this method, customers simply need to perform the following steps:

  1. Make an online purchase and choose Dragonpay >> PNB Over-the-Counter/ATM.

  2. Go to any PNB ATM, insert ATM card, and type your PIN

  3. Choose Fund Transfer from the ATM's main menu. When prompted for which source account you will get the fund from, select your appropriate Savings/Checking account, and choose the ATM's Continue button.

  4. When prompted where to make the transfer payment to, choose Other PNB Account and enter the Dragonpay account number in your email instruction.

  5. Enter the exact amount in your email instruction to transfer.

  6. Get the printed ATM receipt.

  7. Follow the ATM validation link in your email instruction and enter the details provided in your ATM receipt.

PNB ATM payments are not subject to any cash handling fee unlike paying over-the-counter (OTC) at provincial branches. But note that just like OTC payments, Dragonpay processes ATM payments next day.