Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unionbank Regular CA/SA Internet Banking

For regular Checking/Savings Accounts (CASA) customers, Unionbank maintains a separate Internet banking site. I don't know why they made it separate from their EON Internet banking site since the functionality is just the same. Perhaps EON users are defined in a separate database.

One notable difference is in the login process. With EON, you type in your user id and 4-digit ATM PIN. With the regular CASA Internet banking, you type in your user id, then when you navigate to the PIN input field, it pops up an on-screen keypad. You would use the mouse to "click" in your 4-digit PIN. This is obviously a security feature to thwart keyloggers. But it can be a bit annoying and tedious, as compared to the more common type-in method.

The rest of the functions are similar to EON Internet banking. You can perform account balance inquiry; view your transaction history; pay utility bills; perform funds transfer to another Unionbank account or to an EON account; and so on. Fund transfers also need to be validated using a transaction password, which is different from your login password. From experience, the site seems to experience frequent downtime or maintenance and is often unavailable.

Unionbank is owned by the Cebu-based Aboitiz Group. It is a member of the Megalink ATM consortium and is the lead proponent for Megalink's online payment system through The PORT. The Unionbank regular CASA account requires a minimum maintaining balance of PHP10,000.

Unionbank regular CASA account holders may purchase from online merchants with Dragonpay using their Internet banking account. Users who have not enabled their Internet banking access may do so for free by enrolling their ATM card number and PIN at the Unionbank website.

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