Saturday, November 17, 2012

No more Handling Fee for BDO Cebu and Davao OTC

Customers based in the province have long had to endure the disadvantage of having to pay extra for their over-the-counter payments.  This is because most Philippine banks still practice charging handling fees if the depositor is in a different provincial area from where the account is maintained.  The handling fee can range from P50 to P100 (or even more) depending on the bank and the amount.

While most newer, nimbler banks have already espoused the waiving of this fee across their branches, some of the older and bigger banks still charge this fee.  The biggest commercial bank, Banco de Oro (BDO), is no exception.  Customers depositing to Dragonpay's Metro Manila account have to pay P50 if they are in the province.

Starting today (Nov 17, 2012), customers in Cebu and Davao no longer have to pay this fee when depositing at BDO.  Just select the appropriate branch in your area from the list and deposit there.  Dragonpay will continue to expand its network to serve other areas in the near future and lower the fees to the consumer.

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