Saturday, May 2, 2015

Woocommerce Plug-in for Dragonpay

Our partner (SiteShop) has released a Dragonpay Plugin for WooCommerce.

It is a proprietary closed source plugin created with a licensing fee of Monthly (PHP 438.00) or Yearly (PHP 4380.00).  There is also Free-Trial License (14-Day). Prices include : Unlimited Email Support and Unlimited Upgrade.

The plugin include the ff. features:

- On-the-fly Transactions Update at WooCommerce,
- Automatic Daily Synchronization of Transactions (helpful in case some notifications were not received),
- Test Mode,
- Debug Log mode, log file view is embed within WooCommerce Admin Panel,
- Compatibility with Plugin: Custom / Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce,
- Compatibility with Multi-Cart Redirector for Dragonpay.

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