Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On-Us Check Deposits Now Accepted

In our effort to accept more payment options for our merchants, we now support on-us check deposits aside from cash. The implementation is initially available to BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Metrobank and Unionbank over-the-counter payments.

On-us check deposit refer to checks that are issued by a local bank and are deposited in that same bank. For example, a Metrobank check that is deposited into Dragonpay's Metrobank bank account is considered an on-us check deposit. A Unionbank check that is deposited into Dragonpay's Unionbank account would likewise be considered as an on-us check deposit. But a Metrobank check deposited to Dragonpay's Unionbank account would not be considered as one.

The difference between a regular check deposit and an on-us check deposit is the latter is usually treated in the same way as a cash deposit. On-us checks are often not subject to the typical 3-day clearing of a regular local check from another bank.

It is curious to note that although Metrobank charges a handling fee for provincial cash deposits, they do not charge anything for provincial check deposits. So if you want to make a payment to a Dragonpay/PayEasy merchant and you are outside of Metro Manila, you are better off depositing a Metrobank/On-Us check to our bank account instead of using cash to avoid this bank fee. An alternative for Metrobank account holders is to ask the branch to perform a CREDIT MEMO or Direct Account Fund Transfer to avoid the cash handling fee.

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